Find index where condition is true, or end of matrix

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I have an array that represents the time based states of an analysis. I want to search the array for where a certain state starts, and if the state doesn't exist, then pick the final index of the array.
statestart = find(Results.state==5,1); % Find index of first time state is 5
if isempty(statestart)
statestart = numel(Results.state);
I know this works, but I would like to know if it's possible to get the same result without an if statement.
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 5 May 2021
Edited: Mario Malic on 5 May 2021
Maybe you could create a vector that contains states that are within Results.state using unique, that way you could skip on checking for non-existant states.

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Accepted Answer

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 5 May 2021
I appreciate the input, this is the best I was able to do:
statestart = [find(Results.state==5,1) numel(Results.state)];

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Jonas on 5 May 2021
you could set the last entry to the condition you are searching for and then use your find function. this way at least one index can be found where the condition is met
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Paul Hoffrichter
Paul Hoffrichter on 5 May 2021
But how does the program know that this added last entry is phony data? An if-statement still appears to be required.

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