What happens if toolbox is not renewed

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K E on 22 Jul 2013
Commented: Walter Roberson on 2 Nov 2015
I am the (reluctant) administrator of a group of commercial Matlab licenses with some questions about toolbox renewals:
  • What are the consequences of not renewing toolboxes assigned to a user who rarely uses them, but who has a current Matlab license?
  • Will the user still be able to run shared code that calls for example out-of-date Simulink and the DSP System Toolbox? This will be an infrequent task.
  • What issues will come up for the user over the next few years if we continue to not renew the licenses?
  • Can I reassign an out-of-date license from one user to another? Say the DSP System Toolbox wasn't elected to be renewed in 2012; can it be assigned to a different user?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 22 Jul 2013
Contact support. They can take you through your options.
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K E on 29 Jul 2013
Here is my summary of Support's response, but readers please check with Support if you are considering discontinuing, in case the following information depends on your type of license.
  • If you stop renewing a toolbox, you must run the old version of MATLAB when you need to use that toolbox.
  • If you have a group license, it is possible to move out-of-date licenses between one user and the next. In fact I think this can be done via the License Center and the Assign/Unassign Products button.

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timo on 2 Nov 2015
So basically is better for me to buy new toolboxes for my old matlab version that to pay a lot to renew all ?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Nov 2015
It sounds as if you are using a Student Version license. I do not have enough information about the pricing of Student Version licenses and renewals to make an assessment.

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timo on 2 Nov 2015
Edited: timo on 2 Nov 2015
My total costs for renewal are ... €418.51


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