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DAQ toolbox Timeout error, PCIe-6363

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Chris Dizon
Chris Dizon on 13 May 2021
Morning all,
I am following the tutorial for measuring the position of a rotary encoder found here (video here) line-by-line. I also have a rotary encoder, but am using a NI PCIe-6363 as my DAQ interface. I've also followed the troubleshooting tips from Mathworks to make sure my NI-DAQmx driver version and the version of Matlab I am using are compatible. I am able to get a single read out however when I try to do a hardware timed read I always get timeout expired before operation could complete error. I've read up on a few other posts where there have been similar issues, but I am unable to find where the timeout is being set. It was suggested in one of these posts to check the command get(myDevice) where one would find the timeout option, however these were for VISA or USB devices; I don't have a timeout option except for the DigitalTriggerTimeout which I don't think is the same? (already tried changing it, did nothing). See getDevice.PNG.
Does anyone have any suggestions about how to proceed? I would love to get it working through Matlab before moving onto LabView.
  • Chris

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