How to write a file with strings and numbers

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Samuel on 23 Jul 2013
I would like to write an output file with all the information of variables and strings of my input files and values.
For example:
XVALUE = 123
YVALUE = 123
Reading in forums, I was able to create a matrix with strings and numbers, which is not quite what I would like...
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Jan on 23 Jul 2013
It is not clear yet, how your input data look like. Is e.g. "XVALUE" stored as a string or should this be taken dynamically from the name of the variable?

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dpb on 23 Jul 2013
If the names are known and fixed, it's simple enough to just write them literally. If, otoh, it's more general than that you can encapsulate the write in a function inside of which you can use
to retrieve the variable names of the calling argument(s) as strings that can then be written to the file.
doc inputname % for more details
Or, alternatively, use named structure fields where the names are dynamically created and hence known.
Samuel on 23 Jul 2013
Thanks for the help. The part I am having trouble with is writing these string and values to a *.txt file, which consists of both strings and numbers.
I am working on writing the strings/values using 'fid' and 'fprintf'...
dpb on 23 Jul 2013
Edited: dpb on 23 Jul 2013
Post a short sample piece of code/data where you're having trouble, specifically...also expound on your initial request--is that a fixed format for the file or are the strings to be written contained in variables and if so, what type--cells or character strings, etc., etc., etc., ... or are you actually trying to get variable names from workspace, what????
We only know what you tell us...

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