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Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 25 May 2021
Commented: Ahmed Abdulla on 25 May 2021
I have downloaded some space science data from the following link,however, the file format is .cdf and I have no experience with such file format. I have tried both and cdfread() with no luck. Any help is appreciated
Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 25 May 2021
yes with no luck

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 25 May 2021
You would need additional patch installed to read .cdf extension files. Here is the source:
Good luck
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Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 25 May 2021
I have looked into this solution, however I am not sure where the downloaded patch file should go (its currently in my downloads file) and I also gt stuck in the following step because im not sure where Matlab's environment variables are:
"If you have downloaded the leap second table, then set the environment variable CDF_LEAPSECONDSTABLE to the table.set CDF_LEAPSECONDSTABLE='<patch_install_dir>\CDFLeapSeconds.txt'
This table will be used, instead of the hard-coded one embedded in the released library. Not setting the environment variable will result in the use of the table from the library. The step is necessary when the leap second table is different from the one in the library. Need to set the environment variable before running CDF modules under MATLAB."

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