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Checking every norm of a row in a matrix with all other rows.

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gamer on 12 Jun 2021
Commented: gamer on 12 Jun 2021
Hello community,
I have another question. It would be really nice if you could help me:)
So I ve got a nx2 matrix.
p=[r + (a-2*r)*rand(n,1),r + (b-2*r)*rand(n,1)];
Every row should be seen as one vector. Now I want to check the Euclidean norm/distance of each row with all other rows.
So I want to check norm ( row1 -row2), (row1-row3) etc. but also (row 4 - rown).
Thanks for your help!
With this for loop I can check the Euclidean norm/distance with row1 to all others. But I dont know how to check now row 3 and 4 etc.
for i = 1:n

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