Connection test problem when I configure IP for Xilinx FPGA ZedBoard and Ubuntu host

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Dear Sir,
I am working on designing a software-defined radio. The host is installed Ubuntu 18.04 system.The version of Matlab is 2020a. The hardware is ZedBoard which is integrated with FM-COMMS3 (AD9361). After installing the communication toolbox for Xilinx radio platform(Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for Xilinx® Zynq®-Based Radio), I tried to to set up the hardware. It occurs that the interactive UI is only available for Windows.
step 1-5 are successful.
In the step 6, Verify Radio Hardware Setup, after input
I got errors like:
I "confirmed the follwing", but got the same errors.
Cloud any help me, thanks.
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Jayadhar Alla
Jayadhar Alla on 15 Jun 2021
Hi Xioabo li,
Thanks for approaching us. I want to some clarification regarding the issue you are facing.
There might be different reasons for this issue.
1. Can you please confirm whether the LED's are blinking like it was given in the document?
2. Can you confirm whether Ethernet was properly connected at both the ends(ZedBoard and Host computer)?
3. Can you please confirm whether the connection to which you are assigning '' was connected to ZedBoard?
Most of the times, this error occurs due to broken SD card images, in that case, LED's won't blink properly.

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