Xlabel in figure is only at center position when the figure is big

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I have a problem with visualising data. I want to move the xlabel of a plot inside the axis. I use this code for it:
[jac_c, jac_m, jac_h, jac_gnames] = multcompare(jac_stats, 'CType','dunn-sidak');
xlh = xlabel('Ranks');
set(gca, 'FontSize', fsz, 'LineWidth', alw, 'fontname',ft);
set(findobj(gca,'type','line'),'linew', lw);
xlh.Position(2) = xlh.Position(2) + 0.5;
For some cases this works well:
However, for other it does not, since the xlabel is not centered anymore:
For this case, the xlabel is only centered when I expand the figure:
What is going wrong here?
Thanks and kind regards

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 13 Jul 2021
When you set the xlim and ylim as auto by default, they will change automatically when the axes is resized. So the position of the label may be changed. To ensure the label is at the centre, set tha axis limit manually before issuing xlabel command:
plot(randn(10,1), randn(10,1), 'ro');
xlim([-3 3]);
hx = xlabel('Ranks');
hx.Position(2) = hx.Position(2) + 1;

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