Harmonic Analysis of Current waveform

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I am trying to do harmonic analysis of Input current for component based model in Simulink and trying to produce results as shown in figure. I tried to use FFT tool in Simpowersystems power GUI, but it allows plotting Amplitude as percent of fundamental. Alos I need to plot phase angles w.r.t Harmonic order.
My question is how to can I plot this current magnitude (A) and Phase angles against Harmonic order. Also I need to plot results from three different runs of the simulation on same figure. So using FFT tool might not be helpful and fft dat has to be seperated in Harmonic order bins in stead of being plotted against frequencies.
Can you please give me a clue to get this plot?

Accepted Answer

Haroon Zafar
Haroon Zafar on 21 Nov 2022
I resolved this using the Fourier block in Simulink Specialized powersystem toolbox. It allows to extract any harmonic order and phase angle form the input signal. To extract exact harmonic magnitudes and phases, run the simulation for atleast 10 cycles of fundamental frequency (i.e 0.2 sec for 50 Hz) or 12 cycle at 60 Hz system.

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