Migrating GUI to MATLAB App Designer with GUIDE

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I'm trying to migrate a MATLAB GUI to MATLAB App Designer with GUIDE. I managed to migrate the GUI over however, I can't seem to get the app working as there's an 'Error in InitializeGui. I found the GUI online and the code can be found here: https://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/93395-afdaq?s_tid=srchtitle
Any help is appreciated.
Ashleigh Reid
Ashleigh Reid on 21 Jul 2021
The error messages recieved:
Cannot find an exact (case-sensitive) match for 'AfDaq'
The closest match is: Afdaq in C:\Users\44750\Downloads\github_repo (2)\Afdaq.m
Error in InitializeGui (line 47)
AfDaq('checkbox_scalingFunction_Callback',handles.checkbox_scalingFunction, eventdata, handles);
Error in Afdaq_App (line 1927)
runStartupFcn(app, @(app)AfDaq_OpeningFcn(app, varargin{:}))
I've attached the file with the code due to the fact the lines of code exceed the number of characters aloud.
Kind Regards

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