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Tarek Mahjoub
Tarek Mahjoub on 29 Jul 2021
Commented: Tarek Mahjoub on 29 Jul 2021
Hi guys, I am new using Matlab and I've been posting some questions in the recent time and I hope you be patient with me. I am having a trouble with the code
c = 2; % constant
n = 100; % Generate 100 random variables.
% Set up the arrays to store variates.
x = zeros(1,n); % random variates
xy = zeros(1,n);% corresponding y values
rej = zeros(1,n);% rejected variates
rejy = zeros(1,n); % corresponding y values
irv = 1;
irej = 1;
while irv <= n
y = rand(1); % random number from g(y)
u = rand(1); % random number for comparison
if u <= 2*y/c
x(irv) = y;
xy(irv) = u*c;
irv = irv+1;
rej(irej) = y;
rejy(irej) = u*c; % really comparing u*c<=2*y
irej = irej + 1;
I wanted the result to be as follows : the graph of 2*y which is a segment and under this segment the accepted values and above the rejected ones. What is missing here? Thank you in advance

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Dave B
Dave B on 29 Jul 2021
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for? (I just looked at your plotting code, not at the math):
scatter(x, xy, 'filled')
hold on
scatter(rej, rejy, 'filled')
plot([0 1], [0 2], 'k', 'LineWidth', 2)
Key bits:
  • use scatter for non-connected points, you could also do plot(..., 'o') for circular markers but scatter is better
  • use hold on to plot multiple things on top of eachother
  • Not sure what you doing with y, it was a random number, but I think this is what you were after based on the description and the picture (?)
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Tarek Mahjoub
Tarek Mahjoub on 29 Jul 2021
Thanks a lot for the help with the plotting. Actually I was applying the acceptance-rejection method on the density function 2*y so the graph of that function was supposed to be the segment you plotted

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