Simulink subsystem to numerically solve a complex exponential function

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This is the Matlab script of what I have to solve at each iteration of a complex simulink model:
B, T and W known; solving for a:
sol = vpasolve( 0.88*(1-exp(-0.1*B))*(1-exp(-9.5*a)) - (0.9/B + 0.5*a/sqrt(B)) - T/W, a)
I cannot use this directley in a user defined Simulink funcation since symbolc variables are not accepted.
How would you suggest to draw/code this in Simulink?

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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 30 Aug 2021
Hello Ario,
You could follow the following steps to solve the issue:
1) Create a '.m' file containing the function (for example, name it complexExponential.m) to solve the complex exponential equation.
2) You could use a MATLAB Function block in Simulink to call this function as shown below.
out = 0;
out = double(complexExponential(inputs));
Since the equation involves symbolic variables, it is necessary to use 'coder.extrinsic()' to avoid generating code for it. For more details you could have a look at the documentation page of coder.extrinsic.
Hope this helps!


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