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How to implement Bayesian data analysis following a simple monte carlo application?

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Thanks for taking the time to read this and for possibly lending some help!
I have made a toxicokinetic model that has three paprameters that are subject to monte carlo simulations (10k iterations, all from normal distributions). I'd like to apply a Bayesian data analysis to the monte carlo output to better understand the uncertainty surrounding those model predictions. I have a foundational understanding of how Bayesian data analysis can be conceptually used to look at the uncertainty surrounding those monte carlo simulation outputs (thanks to an idiot-proofed 3-part tutorial on youtube!), but I have no clue how to code it! I've found some information regarding Bayesian analysis in Matlab for finance applicaitons, but I get too lost in the financial jargon to distill an analog that could be applied for my tox-model. My question is: does anyone have a simple example code for the applicaiton of Bayesian data analysis?
Many thanks!

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