Can I store data to excel file from my stand alone APP?

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I've created a stand alone executable via Matlab. It has a feature which updates a specific excel file. I can also read from that excel file.
I suppose, it means that this excel file must be in the same folder where my *.exe file is, right?
I mean, I'd like to distribute the app to other colleagues. So, I need to instruct them: "keep the excel & exe in the same folder". I can't somehow "hide" or "compile" my excel into the exe, right? Because it would be a much "cleaner" solution if all I have to do is to distribute simply one exe file that include everything that's needed to run the app.

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Jyotirmay Mishra
Jyotirmay Mishra on 18 Aug 2021
It is my understanding that you are trying to make a standalone MATLAB app with excel files as resources.
Please refer to the following MATLAB answers link to understand how you can create standalone MATLAB apps that include Excel data template -
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Mark Golberg
Mark Golberg on 18 Aug 2021
I know how to create a standalone app which includes excel files. I'm asking something else:
The story goes like this - my app performs a certain test on data. The spec for the pass/fail criteria is stored in external excel file (it must be excel file, can't be mat file).
When user click "Start Test" button, he get's a promt showing the current spec limits. He can choose 2 options:
  1. continue with current spec lims ---> nothing happens to the excel file.
  2. update the promted spec, and store it for future usage ---> in that case, excel file should be updated, so next time user reads it, an updated spec would be shown.
Now, my questions is - when I distribute this app to other colleagues in my organization, should I instruct them something like: "please make sure the exe file and the excel file are stored in the same folder".
Is there a way for Matlab to compile it all together, so I could distribute only 1 single exe file, and it would incorporate all the needed files (and of course I'll still maintain the excel read/write capability I've described above)? Obviously I prefer the second option (if exist), as it would be a much "neater & compact" solution.

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