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Star Strider flagged Conversion to cell from double is not possible. as Duplicate


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Probably posted here by accident. Not an answer.

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Cris LaPierre flagged I used different codes to plot the phase of this function f(z) = (0.10 + 0.3i) + (0.4243 + 0.0017i)z + (0.9 − 0.001i)z^2 why I always find discontinuity at Z_R =0 as Duplicate


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Same identical (homework?) Q? as answered couple days ago.

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correct answer?

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you are answering, but not answering. Every one else has been facing same problem since Matlab R2019

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Cris LaPierre flagged Why am I getting Index in position 1 is invalid. Array indices must be positive integers or logical values. as Duplicate


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Not related to the question?

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OP deleted attached file, please restore

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Please revert original attachments!

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Not an answer, and is completely different as a question from the original post.

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user edited away question

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Steven Lord flagged Hello,can anyone tell me how to find out if a mushroom has disease? as Not appropriate for MATLAB Answers

It's not clear how this is related to MATLAB. Asking for help implementing an image processing algorithm is IMO appropriate for Answers; asking for the algorithm itself seems better suited for a different forum.

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Not wrong, but not really relevant

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Both the question and answer will not be helpful for anyone else, as the author has repeated refused to share the details of the problem. He's also refused to share the details of the answer. This post will likely only cause confusion for anyone reading it.

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Walter Roberson flagged How to find angle in equcation as Unclear

User edited away equation

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There is no attachment, but the text suggests there is.

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This is not a working answer. The accepted answer is the most upvoted below

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Walter Roberson flagged Why unifrnd(lb,ub,[nPop,D]) gives error? as Unclear

User deleted a lot of comments that gave context to the responses.

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Please restore uploaded CSV file.

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Needs updated to include Shift+F5

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OP probably edited away the question body

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Rik flagged How to extract the text from images without using OCR. will you plz help me. in matlab 13 version as Not appropriate for MATLAB Answers

Content removed, please restore.

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Christian Bard flagged False Negative when using Polyspace Code Prover as Unclear

Polyspace Code prover is not finding bugs but tries to prove code correctness on an exhaustive list of runtime check.

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Andrei Bobrov flagged Display char matrix vertically as Unclear

duplicate of 'https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/485797-replace-number-array-with-characters'

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question seems to have been edited away at some point

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