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randomly swap elements of a matrix


Updated 26 Nov 2007

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For vectors, Y = RANDSWAP(X) randomly swaps the elements of X. For N-D matrices, RANDSWAP(X) randomly swaps the elements along the first non-singleton dimension of X.

RANDSWAP(X,DIM) randomly swaps the elements along the dimension DIM. For instance, RANDSWAP(X,1) randomly interchanges the rows of X.

Y = RANDSWAP(X,'partial') swaps the elements for each of the non-singleton dimensions of X separately. Rows are interchanged first, then columns, then planes, etc. In this case, elements that belong to the same row, column, ... stay together.

Y = RANDSWAP(X,'full') randomly swaps all the elements in X.

[Y, I, J] = RANDSWAP(...) return index matrices I and J so that Y = X(I) and X = Y(J).

X can be a numeric or a cell array.

Version 2.0 (nov 2007)

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Inspired by: shake

Inspired: randone1

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