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Reverberation Time Calculator

version (44.1 KB) by Edward Zechmann
Calculates Reverberation Time from multiple microphones using time records


Updated 18 Feb 2008

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rt_script.m is the main program. It produces a text file and a pdf file to document the reverberation time estimate. Two measurement methods can be used 1) speaker on-speaker off method, and 2) balloon pop method.

A basic procedure for the measurement two methods is given in the Readme file. The speaker on-speaker off method has been found to be far more accurate than the balloon pop method. Teh balloon pop method can often have more than 50% error below 1000 Hz.

reverb_time.m calculates the reverberation times for 1/3 octave band time records. Time records using the random time test signals from makelNHANESNoisesm_ed.m from (Also on Matlab Central File Exchange) are ideal for reverberation time measurements using the speaker on- speaker off method.

With the balloon pop method, the same file can be processed several times to roughtly estimate the reverberation time in each 1/3 octave band.

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Edward Zechmann (2022). Reverberation Time Calculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: octave, ci.m, LMS Toolbox, findextrema.m, Estimatenoise

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