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Converts a string with (possibly) an SI prefix to a number. Works in reverse of num2sci.

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Updated 02 Mar 2010

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Converts a string with (possibly) an SI prefix to a number. Works in reverse of num2sci. Works with cell arrays of strings also.


num = sci2num('14.5 m') returns num = 0.0145
num = sci2num('14.5') returns num = 14.5
num = sci2num({'14.5m','85.2'}) returns num = [0.0145 85.2]

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Jason Kaeding (2021). sci2num (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Stephen Cobeldick

Disclaimer: In the end I could not find any FEX submission that gave the correct outputs for the wide range of test-cases that I tried, so I ended up writing my own function. You can find it here:

Stephen Cobeldick

This submission is a simple and rugged solution to the problem of converting from an SI prefixed string into a numeric. The code concept is very neat, only failing to convert a few of the strings that I tested with, such as combinations of E-notation and prefixes (eg: '1e3 k' -> NaN), and 'Inf' values that also turn into NaNs. It includes some examples and a nice help section, but no H1 line. There are a few "mlint" messages that need attention, but basically it is a good addition to FEX.

Alberto Battistel


Holger Hiebel

I love it and use it very often.

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