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geotiff reader

version (2.37 KB) by Yushin Ahn
This code read geotiff file, subset in pixel (or map coordinates) capability


Updated 16 Nov 2010

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GEOTIFF_READ: read geotiff using imread and assign map info from infinfo.

I = GEOTIFF_READ('filename');
Reads whole images
I = GEOTIFF_READ('filename','pixel_subset', [minx maxx miny maxy]);
I = GEOTIFF_READ('filename','map_subset' , [minx maxx miny maxy]);
extract subset of the specified.

% output:
I.z, image data
I.x, x coordinate in map
I.y, y coordinate in map, misc. info

imshow(I.z, 'xdata', I.x, 'ydata', I.y);
shows image with map coordinate

% Version by Yushin Ahn
% Glacier Dynamics Laboratory,
% Byrd Polar Resear Center, Ohio State University
% Referenced enviread.m (Ian Howat)

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Yushin Ahn (2020). geotiff reader (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Anyone ever manage to fix the error Holger Hoffman noted below?
I can get past the error by commenting out this sub-section portion - but now I want to use it. Here's my error:

Index exceeds the number of array elements (31760).

Error in GEOTIFF_READ (line 129)
tmp(i-sub(3)+1,:,j) = t(R);

Lin Yan

Those "Tinfo." should be changed to "Tinfo(1)." to handle images with multiple bands.

Hi, - I get:

>> geotiffread(name)
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in geotiffread (line 120)
tmp(i-sub(3)+1,:,j) = t(R);


I have problem to display the matrix I.z with the image function from matlab. (I do not have imshow). The matrix I.z is ordered differently from the one obtained with A=imread(filename) and displayed with image(A).
I tried to change the way the file is read without not much success. Any suggestion


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