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Matrix exponential times a vector.

version (9.25 KB) by Nick Higham
Computing the matrix exponential times a vector without explicitly computing the matrix exponential.


Updated 30 Nov 2010

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This submission contains two functions for computing EXPM(t*A)*b without explicitly forming EXPM(t*A), where A is an n-by-n matrix and b is an n-by-1 vector. This is the problem of computing the action of the matrix exponential on a vector.

EXPMV(t,A,B, computes EXPM(t*A)*B, while EXPMV_TSPAN(A,b,t0,tmax,q) computes EXPM(t*A)*b for q+1 >= 2 equally spaced values of T between T0 and TMAX.

The functions work for any matrix A, and use just matrix-vector products with A and A^*.

Function TEST.M runs a simple test of the codes.

Details on the underlying algorithms can be found in

A. H. Al-Mohy and N. J. Higham. Computing the action of the matrix exponential, with an application to exponential integrators. MIMS EPrint 2010.30, The University of Manchester, 2010; to appear in SIAM J. Sci. Comput.

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Can I use this if expm(A(t))*b where A(t) is a linear function that depends on time?

How can I use this if I want to compute expm(t*A+B)*b ?

I am also interested in large matrices, and particularly on sparse large matrices that still take up ~ 100GB despite being sparse (!)



Has anyone used this algorithm with large matrices?
It seems to be extremely fast for small matrices, but on matrices on the order of gigabytes I get much slower results than simpler methods.

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