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Creates a PDF with addition exercises for children, showing how to connect to Word with actxserver.


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MAKESUMSHEET(N) creates a PDF file containing 24 addition exercises for children, where the addenda each have N digits. The default is 3.
MAKESUMSHEET(N,NOCARRY) if nocarry is true, the additions will not require any 'carry' operations (in other words no set of digits will sum to greater than 10). The default is false.

MAKESUMSHEET(N,NOCARRY,SMALLRESULT) if smallresult is true, then sum will have the same number of digits as the addenda. The default is false.

MAKESUMSHEET illustrates the use of actxserver to connect MATLAB(R) to
Microsoft(R) Office(R), and the use of replacable comments in a Microsoft(R) Word(R) file as a convenient method of report creation.

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Sam Roberts (2022). makesumsheet (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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