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Did you ever need to smoothly turn an array into another?

This function morphs an input sequence into another, in a specified number of steps. Required inputs:
* A : sequence start, array of scalars
* B : sequence end, array of scalars
* n : length of desired final sequence
- [opt] met : method used for interpolation, defaults to 'linear' (equivalent to the option of interp1 function)

The final output has the size [size(B) n], so A and B can have as many dimensions as you want; the concatenation occurs on the dimension ndims(B)+1.

It doesn't matter if A and B are not the same size, as long as they have the same number of elements.

The example is given with images, but A and B can be any kind of sequence of numbers.

An additional interpolation method is provided for 'ease out' effects, the corresponding option is 'splinease'.

Enjoy ;)

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