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The Adjusted Mutual Information

version (3.25 KB) by Xuan Vinh Nguyen
The Adjusted Mutual Information for clustering comparison


Updated 06 Oct 2011

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This program calculates the adjusted mutual information for comparing clusterings. It includes:

- The mutual information/adjusted mutual information
- The Rand index and some other indices
(see code)

[1] Vinh, N. X.; Epps, J.; Bailey, J. (2009). "Information theoretic measures for clusterings comparison". Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning - ICML '09

[2] Vinh, Nguyen Xuan; Epps, Julien; Bailey, James (2010), "Information Theoretic Measures for Clusterings Comparison: Variants, Properties, Normalization and Correction for Chance", The Journal of Machine Learning Research 11 (Oct): 2837-54

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Stan Driggs

If you would like to improve the accuracy of the calculated Expected MI, I recommend replacing the factorial calculations with the log gamma function, gammaln(N+1) = log(N!). This allows accurate calculations with much larger values of N and N=0.
>> logfact = @(x) gammaln(x+1);
>> exp( logfact(10000) - logfact(9990) )
ans =
>> prod(10000:-1:9991)
ans =
>> factorial(10000) ./ factorial(9990)
ans =

Hoan Do

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Created with R2007a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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