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Active contour without edge

version (603 KB) by Su Dongcai
implementation of a well known level set method, easy to read code


Updated 12 Jan 2012

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Implementation of the level set method proposed in[1](ACWE) while add the regularity term[2] to avoid re-initialization.
The core function to implement ACWE is 'acwe.m',while 'demo_acwe.m' is for demonstration purpose.
Li chunming for his clearly coded distribution:

[1]. T. Chan and L. Vese, “Active contours without edges,” IEEE Trans.
Image Process., vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 266–277, Feb. 2001
[2]. Minimizaion of region-scalable fitting energy for image segmentation.
IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 17 (10), pp.1940-1949, Li chunming etc.

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Dear Sir

Thanks alot for the code and algorithm,
I applied the algorithm on images but i couldn't save the result, Is there is a way to save the result to work on it ??
Thanks in advance.



respected sir,
Can we use this method in area detection in satellite images?


very good i want to cite your work how to give


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