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Experiments with MATLAB

version 1.3 (2.14 MB) by Cleve Moler
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Updated 23 Feb 2016

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Experiments with MATLAB is an electronic book with chapters that supplement high school and early college courses in mathematics and technical computing, including calculus and matrix theory. The expected background includes algebra, trigonometry, and some familiarity with computers.
This app includes 20 interactive applications from the book which help readers explore a wide range of mathematical concepts through interesting applications.
The entire textbook and additional supporting code is available for free download:

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Paolo Mulazzani

Running "mandelbrot.m" with or without parameters I receive this error:
Error:File: mandelbrot.m Line: 54 Column: 14
Identifier 'depth' is not a function or a shared variable. To share 'depth' with a nested function, initialize it in the current

毅斌 张

건하 김

Aoyu Guo

Bowen Zheng

ZhongXu Ji

Jiaojiao Li

Perfect sharing! Very useful. Thanks

Kyaw Myo Lin


Lewis Nick

Students and Educators are in debt with you. Thank you very much.

Hongping Jiang

Thank you.

zuoya gu

Baruch Siles

xiyao wang

Yangyang Hou

thank you very much!

glaciers xie

Thanks for sharing, my honor to learn.

T wang

Aina Amanina Aznan

anzhi wang


Dmitry Shakhanov

Delawar Jalat

Thank you cleve, really appreciate the work put itto making this ebook. Really useful for students wanting to become more exprienced in matlab and maths in general. I find it really diffucult to put words how much I appreciate the effort you put into making this ebook, for the of beterment of learning matlab.

noel isco

Soichiro Nakano

John Isingo

Ivan Trenchev

Chris Jennings

An Excellent resource. I'm hoping someone can explain why Chapter 17 in the book, where the logic behind the orbits simulation is described, includes the Gravitational Constant in the calculations, but the constatnt doesn't appear in the code (orbits.m)? Perhaps he is using "Natural Units" where G=1, but that is only my speculation.

william lee


Joy Tea

Thanks for your sharing.

jinrong fan

so nice! Thanks


many thanks to you. the codes help me a lot.


many thanks for sharing!




fibonacci(72)=806515533049393. For n>72 round-off values are shown: fibonacci(73)=1.30496954492866e+015. Both obtained by 'format long g'. Cheers



It may be missing surfer.m in the Chapter.7?
What a pity...

lian xiang


Junjie Lew


Masatoshi Yoshimura

Yong Zhang

Great Book! Great Man! Thank you.

Luis Valencia

Thanks very much for sharing!


so nice

bo feng

thanks for sharing!

Jaime estevez

Thanks for all

thanks a lot


Thanks a lot for the sharing material.


Liu Huayuan

thanks a lot

China Wan

Thank you

wj jin


Daniel Einstein

Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

duan duan


Walter Roberson

(correcting my previous)

orbits.m calls upon zoomer and tracer but does so through callbacks specified as strings, but those kinds of callbacks are executed from the base workspace and do not know about functions whose source is given in the same file. The fix is to switch to function handles. Change lines 214 to 219 to become

uicontrol('string','trace','style','toggle','units','normal', ...
'position',[.34 .02 .06 .04],'callback', @(src,event) tracer(), 'value',0);
uicontrol('string','in','style','pushbutton','units','normal', ...
'position',[.42 .02 .06 .04],'callback', @(src,event) zoomer(1/sqrt(2)))
uicontrol('string','out','style','pushbutton','units','normal', ...
'position',[.50 .02 .06 .04],'callback', @(src,event) zoomer(sqrt(2)))

Walter Roberson

orbits uses zoomer.m and tracer.m which appear to be missing. I think I found zoomer on an older version of this toolbox on pudn but I cannot seem to find tracer anywhere.

Alvin Chen

very good materials

Alvin Chen

very good materials

Ataliba Miguel

Excellent e-book.


Excellent & Superb.

Prof (Dr) BP Mishra (Ex-IAF)
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Thank you for sharing

ling li

Ioannis Demetriou

Grateful, thank you all, thank you Cleve

Cashmere Loose

the drought was the very worst

chenxu zhou

Excellent! The zip code package is really convenient.

quanwei liu

thank you for sharing

Yibing Wu

zhang xiaodong

Thank you


Thank you

Martins Ezuma


Roland Mitter

Just one thing: THANK YOU!

Shravankumar P

Awesome stuff

liang wang

Thank you

Sandeep Solanki

gud one

Sandeep Solanki


Thx it's very good

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