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How to run MATLAB code in .NET and JAVA framework


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This example shows some examples of custom MATLAB functions that are translated into C DLL code with MATLAB Coder. The generated C code is then used in C# with InterOpServices (.NET service) and in JAVA with JNI. The result is that you can use your custom MATLAB algos on any platform.
This workflow is usefull for platforms (.NET or JAVA) where the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) cannot be used.
The archive contents:
- custom MATLAB functions (*.m) that manipulate arrays (in and out).
- custom MATLAB script (*.m) that uses codegen to create the C DLL
- a Visual Studio 2010 C# console application (*.sln, *.cs) that uses the C DLL in C# and VB.NET.
- JAVA code that uses the MATLAB function with JNI interface

See files /MATLAB/for_JAVA.m and /MATLAB/for_NET.m that details the commands.

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