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Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation of AC Voltage Waveform

version (2.21 KB) by Yasin Shiboul
This program analyzes the AC voltage waveform modulated using Sinusoidal -Pulse-Width-Modulation.


Updated 20 Aug 2003

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This program analyzes the performance of the AC voltage regulator operating on the Sinusoidal pulse width modulation principle under different loading condidtions.

The inputs are:
- The input frequency.
- The modulation index.
- The phase angle of the load.
- The number of pulses per half period.

The outputs are:
- The beginning, the end and the width of each output voltage pulse.
- The rms Value of the Output Voltage.
- The rms Value of the output voltage fundamental component.
-The RMS value of the load current.
-The RMS value of the supply current.
- The total harmonic distortion of the output voltage.
- The total harmonic distortion of the output current.
- The total harmonic distortion of the supply current.
- The input power factor.

Also are plotted, in figure No.1:
- The input supply voltage.
- The carrier signal,the modulating signal and The output voltage waveform.

In figure No.2 :
-The output voltage waveform.
-The output current waveform.
-The supply current waveform.
-The hamonic contents of the output voltage.
-The hamonic contents of the output current.
-The hamonic contents of the supply current.

To run this program:
-input the name of this programm from the command window.
-enter the required quantities: frequency, for example 50 or 60. modulation index, less than 1, for example 0.7 , phase angle of the load in degrees, for example 45, The number of pulses per half period, for example 5.

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Yasin Shiboul (2021). Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation of AC Voltage Waveform (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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reza p

Sir i need Vector controlled induction motor variable frequency

Tony Lennon

This is a helpful program. If you are looking for more resources about pulse width modulation (PWM), please visit this web page.


can anybody send me the working of upwm in ac voltage regulators plz plz plz????at

venkatesh venkatesh

am doing pg in anna university ineed help i had chossen my project in power factor tachnique in ac to dc converters so please help me by sending some project related material req reg my mail



Fernando Diaz

mohd abus amak

Amr Qudah

solaiman abudhalam

srinivasarao tegala

this for students project work in b-tech levels

Assem Abd Al-Qder

siva subramanian

the program is very easy to understand

karthic ranjan

siwapong wongsiwawilas

hosien mousavi

I need informaition abaot matlab program of photovoltic (DC/AC)control (voltige and fercance)

peter jans

bhawna mehra

Iam persuing electrical branch.i want matlab/simulink program for controlling of ac to ac converters like matrix converter,high frequency ac link converter etc.

saim memon


Pradyumn Chaturvedi

u have done really a very good work on m file
Now, have u done any work on multilevel inverter Pulse Width Modulation.

grain Philip Adam

I am PhD. student in Heriot-Watt University, my work concerning multi-level inverter, I need some modulation techniques for switching of IGBT in Multi-level Inverter

amer al-radaideh

arup mohapatra

nikhil doshi

Khalid Mash

Fabian Ruiz L

I need the SPWM with her Harmonics in Matlab

Ala' Tuffaha

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