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2D Rotated Gaussian Fit

version (1.9 KB) by Steffen B. Petersen
Function will fit a 2D gaussian function. It will also find the rotation angle for the 2D gaussian.


Updated 12 Dec 2012

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Matlab's Surface fitting does not (yet) include fairly standard defined surfaces. The present contribution is a simple implementation of the surface fit to the problem of fitting a 2D gaussian to an observed object in an image. Keep the image size small in order not to suffocate the fitting routine.

Gauss2DRotFit requires an input in the form of a 2D intensity image of the 2D gaussian. It also accepts as a second input an structure defining the lower, upper bounds as well as a best guess of the 7 fit parameters. The structure has 3 fields: 'Lower','StartingPoint' and 'Upper'. A title string may be provided as a third input parameter.

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Steffen B. Petersen (2022). 2D Rotated Gaussian Fit (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired: gaussfitn

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