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Write STL C++ Mex function

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c++ mex function for writing ASCII stl file from nodes and triangles list


Updated 03 May 2013

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Matlab functions for writing and reading textual files are lacking in speed. Here is c++ implementation for simple writing ASCII stl files from Matlab with reasonable speed for data up to 250k nodes and triangles.

For writing 100k(17MB on HDD) it takes 2-3 seconds and for huge stl like 10 millions nodes/triangles(over 1GB stl file) it takes approximately one minute on my machine(1.5GM RAM, 1.5 GHz).

%nodes[NumberOfNodes x 3]
%trianles[NumberOfTringles x 3]

nodes = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9];
triangles = [1 2 3];
filaname = 'one triangle.stl';

I have been reported that sharing mex files is not allowed. If You are not sure how to compile c++ to mex go to folder with writeSTL.cpp and just type "mex writeSTL.cpp", then call function.

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Thanks to you Ben:)
I will check it(i don't promise anything), for sure it is possible.


Really fast! Thanks for sharing.

Is it possible to make a version that saves binary STL file? In that case, the file size should be significantly reduced for large mesh.


fixed title...

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