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Draw a box plot with various display options


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NOTE: this function is now available from the IoSR Matlab Toolbox as iosr.statistics.boxPlot.
Alternative box plot function for Matlab with many options. These options include:
- Variable sample sizes (via the tab2box() function).
- Show box sample size.
- Scaled or uniform box spacing.
- Box width scaled by sample size.
- Overlay scatter plots of underlying data.
- Overlay the mean of the data.
- Overlay additional percentiles, and attach labels to them.
- Hierarchical X-labeling and support for multidimensional data.
- Notched boxes.
- Vertical lines to separate groups.
- Automated construction of a legend.
- Set box limits as percentiles.
- Set whisker extent via various methods.
- Use of weighted quantiles.
- Creation of violin plots.

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Inspired by: notBoxPlot, Hierarchically grouped boxplot

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.