Ismember with reduced memory footprint through block processing
Updated 17 Aug 2015

Applies ismember with flexible (reduced) memory footprint as shown in the snapshot.
If you are working with large datasets and ismember eats up completely the RAM, starts swapping on disk, freezes your pc, and causes lots of frustration, you might then want to split the task. This is what ismemberb() does for you, with equivalent results to ismember() applied to the whole dataset.

The syntax:
Basically, the same as in ismember() with the additional ability to specify in how many sub-blocks to process the inputs.


% Run unit tests
ismemberb unit

% Default use
A = randi(100,[1e7,1]);
B = randi(100,[1e7,1]);

% Custom block split
ismemberb(A,B, [2,3])

% Stress test vs ismember()
A = table(randi(1e6,[3e7,1]),randi(1e6,[3e7,1]));
B = table(randi(1e6,[3e7,1]),randi(1e6,[3e7,1]));
[idx1,pos1] = ismember(A,B);
[idx2,pos2] = ismemberb(A,B);

Check and report new issues to https://github.com/okomarov/ismemberb/issues

Cite As

Oleg Komarov (2024). okomarov/ismemberb (https://github.com/okomarov/ismemberb), GitHub. Retrieved .

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Compatible with any release
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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.