Example Deployable SimBiology® App for Evaluating PK/PD Drug Efficacy

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An example deployable MATLAB® app for simulating a mechanistic PK/PD model built using SimBiology®.
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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This package contains an example of a MATLAB® application built using GUIDE for simulating a SimBiology® model. The SimBiology® model that is included is based on a tumor growth model developed by Koch, Walz, Lahu, and Schropp. Users can use the app as an example interface for entering an initial tumor weight, cell line, and dosing schedule, in order to simulate tumor growth inhibition in response to different drug therapies and generate a report. Using MATLAB Compiler®, the SimBiology® model can be deployed as part of a standalone MATLAB® app for distribution to other users.

This package includes the MATLAB® GUIDE files, MATLAB Compiler® deployment script, tumor growth SimBiology® model, and MATLAB Report Generator® files.

To run the app, execute the following command at the MATLAB® command prompt:

>> TumorGrowthInhibition

To deploy the app using MATLAB Compiler®, execute the following command:

>> deployApp

In MATLAB Report Generator® 4.0 (R2014b), the new Document Object Model (DOM) API is used for generating reports.
Technical Article:
Koch, G., Walz A., Lahu, G., and Schropp, J. (2009) Modeling of tumor growth and anticancer effects of combination therapy. Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. 36:179-197.

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