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Source control using Microsoft Source-Code Control Interface (MS SCCI) for MATLAB & Simulink

Integration enabling Simulink Projects to connect to MSSCCI enabled source control tools


Updated 10 Mar 2021

This download lets you use source control tools that support MSSCCI from within MATLAB and Simulink. It replaces the existing MATLAB MSSCCI support, and extends it so that you can also use MSSCCI capabilities in a Simulink Project.
Note: If you are using Microsoft ® Team Foundation Server (TFS), get the MATLAB and Simulink TFS version control integration from the File Exchange here:

To use this MSSCCI integration, you must be using Windows and have a source control tool that supports MSSCCI installed on your computer. If you are using 64-bit MATLAB then you must use a 64-bit external MSSCCI provider. If you are using 32-bit MATLAB then you must use a 32-bit external MSSCCI provider.
To install this support package:
1. You must have a version of MATLAB R2015a, or later, already installed.
2. Download the submission (cmlinkmsscci.mlpkginstall)
3. Double-click on cmlinkmsscci.mlpkginstall from either inside MATLAB or from your OS – you will be asked to login to your MathWorks account during the install process.
4. When the installation process is finished, you can manage existing MSSCCI sandboxes by typing ‘msscci.manageFolders’ at the MATLAB command prompt. To create a new MSSCCI sandbox, select ‘Source Control > Manage Files’ from the Current Folder browser’s context menu, or ‘New > Simulink Project > From Source Control’ on the MATLAB Toolstrip’s Home tab.

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If I am using a source control tool that supports MSSCCI, and I have installed this package, how do I then start using source control in Simulink Project with my source control tool

Cam Jones

Dan Lluch

@Gregorio - the interface itself, yes. The requirements are listed above under Required Products, and Other Requirements - those are not free. If you have those - you can initiate installation following the instructions above in the body. good luck.

Gregorio Lopez

it is for free?

Steven Green

Hello Martin,

Thanks for posting the feedback on using MKS with this integration. It’s a shame that MKS doesn’t work smoothly with this integration, but as you’ve found, DLL clashes such as this are a reason that makes the MSSCCI type of source control integration difficult.

Avoiding this type of problem is a contributing factor to why the new MathWorks source control plugin API is based on Java. We provide an SDK for this (see SDK doc link below) and would be happy to support the MKS developers in creating an updated adapter. (As Perforce have done: see P4SL for Simulink

I would encourage you to contact MKS if a Java MKS -> MATLAB & Simulink source control plugin is something you’d like to pursue. Regards,


MathWorks source control plugin SDK documentation:

Steven Green – MathWorks Software Engineer

Martin Roempert

Hello MathWorks Simulink Team,

after having a close look at the OpenSSL error, I found that ist is caused by two DLL files used by MKS and MATLAB:
- libeay32.dll
- ssleay32.dll

These files are needed by MKS Integrity Client 2009 (Build in version and are located in the matlabrrot\bin\ folder in version

Overwriting the *.dll files in matlabroot\files with the MKS files makes at least the integration running without failure.

Implications regarding other MATLAB functionality was not checked yet.


Martin Roempert

Hello MathWorks Simulink Team,

I tried to get the integration run with MATLAB R2015a 32bit.
After having some issues with the Mathworks login (Proxy settings in MATLAB may not be fully supported by the integration installer) I managed to get the integration installed.

Now I get an error "OPENSL-Uplink(03D8A00,08): no OPENSSL_Applink" when I try to change repository path in Simulink Project or when I try to add a MKS SCC Integration in the MathWorks SCC Integration window which I opened via msscci.manageFolders.

Is there any hint you can provide that I am able to fix this error?
Is it related to MKS?

Thank you in advance!


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2015a
Compatible with R2015a to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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