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actograph is a matlab function for plotting circadian rhythm actograms


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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actograph evoked with zero inputs generates & plots sample data
>> actograph()

you can save the simulated dataset to your workspace by:

>> simData = actograph()

actograph evoked with an arg plots *your* circadian rhythem data

>> actograph(dataMx)
Where dataMx is a data matrix structured such that each row represents your binned activity data as you want it plotted. Basically, WYSIWYG. Each value from the dataMx will be plotted as a bar in the actogram. Each row in the dataMx will be a new row in the actogram. So if, for example, you want 48 hours worth of data plotted on the same row in the actogram, and the next 48 hours on the next row (and so on...) just put that 48 hours worth of data in the same row of the dataset you send to actograph. Try it out...

>> actograph()

>> actograph(repmat([1:24 1:24],[20 1]))

>> days = 20; binsPerDay = 96
>> actograph(rand(days, binsPerDay))

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Brad (2021). subroutines/actograph (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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