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VSC based Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC)

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VSC based Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC) including control


Updated 18 Dec 2015

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A 20 level VSC based (IGBTs) MMC is used to control the voltage of the load bus using PI controller.
At 0.1 seconds , the reference voltage set point is changed from 1 to 0.9 p.u. The controller tracks the reference with a very good response. The Internal inductances of the MMC are not part of the model.
The energy balancing and circulating current supression controllers are also not included in the model (It is assumed that the capaictor voltages are balanced and there are no circulating currents) but can be added and the model can be extended.
The model is a good start for those who want to learn about the MMC and how it is constructed and controlled. Further extension is possible and can be done if the user has interesst in it.

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Awahab (2021). VSC based Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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