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DiffractIndex is a simple program for measuring diffraction ring diameters from TEM or XRD patterns


Updated 07 Jan 2016

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DiffractIndex (created in Guide) imports tif, jpg, bmp or dm* (Digital Micrograph) files for analysis of diffraction ring diameters in 2D diffraction patterns. DiffractIndex calculates diffraction ring centres and the pattern centre to output ring radii in Å given that pixel size calibration is performed. DiffractIndex can be used to calibrate pixel size by using a known standard diffraction pattern. The program also generates a 1D diffractogram by azimuthally integrating (caking) the diffraction pattern. See the pdf file for full documentation.

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Jacob Bowen

Dear Vishnu,

Thank you also for using. Unfortunately as noted @Pralav I am unable to continue feature development for the foreseable future despite wishing to.

Kind regards

How can I export the raw data in the Diffractogram as a .csv file using this program?

Looking forward for ellipse fitting for automated astigmatism correction. Please let us know when its available. Thanks!

Congli Sun


Unnecessary m file removed from zip file

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Inspired by: Circle fit, Read .dm3 and .dm4 image files