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Updated 28 Apr 2018

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Version 1.0 of the SMASH toolbox contains packages and programs for data analysis. For more information, visit the GitHub page ( or read the user manual (located in the documentation directory).

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Valerian Kuznetsov

I have used the SIRHEN part of the package for the PDV signal processing. (Obviosuly, lots of quality work was put into its development.) The "history export" function resulted in the production of the ASCII file with a header, and the three columns of the digitised signal (time, velocity, and intensity).

I have tried to import or load the file into MATLAB 2014 for the further processing, but unsuccessfully. The investigation showed that the functions like "load", "importdata" and "dlmread" can load only delimited array while the "history export" output was of a "fixed width" type. Using the low-level function "fopen" proved to be a bit too involving for the casual MATLAB user like me, so that I put it aside for later. The reading showed that MATLAB apparently had the tools to handle the import of the fixed-width arrays beginning from the year 2018 or so.

My question is: Are there ways to import the "history export" file into MATLAB which I might have overlooked ?

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Inspired: Sandia Data Archive library

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