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Updated 10 Feb 2021

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vreckon - Computes the coordinates from a point towards a bearing at given distances.
vdist - Calculates distances and bearings between points.
Operations are vectorized.

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Mayowa Aregbesola (themaze) (2021). optimcode/vincenty (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Mayowa Aregbesola

Thanks Tarou and Vincenzo Manzari. Fixed, I missed the earlier comment by Tarou.

Vincenzo Manzari

I'll confirm what Tarou said, please fix this little bug. Apart from this, the code works very well, thank you.


The following code

a = 6378137.0; % semi-major axis (km), WGS84

should be

a = 6378.1370; % semi-major axis (km), WGS84

Then working fine.

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