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Divided edge bundling in Matlab

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Calculate and plot graph divided edge bundle pathways for directional network graphs

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Updated 05 Jun 2018

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These two functions replicate the divided edge bundling algorithm, which provides an edge-routing method to declutter complex directional network graphs while highlighting major directional edge pathways. The algorithm, which is an extention of force-directed edge bundling, was developed by David Selassie and is described in the following paper:
- Selassie D, Heller B, Heer J (2011) Divided edge bundling for directional network data. IEEE Trans Vis Comput Graph 17:2354-2363

Please note that I am not a coauthor on this paper; I simply coded this Matlab version so I could incorporate the divided edge bundling algorithm into my own research. While I would appreciate acknowledgement if you happen to use this particular implementation of the algorithm, please be sure to cite Salassie's paper as the primary citation.

See README (available in the package and displayed on Github) for further details and examples.

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