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MATLAB Racing Lounge: DIAN Racing Tongji University

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Use MATLAB/Simulink to accelerate testing data analysis and vehicle control algorithm simulation.


Updated 06 Sep 2018

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Using MATLAB/SIMULINK, the FSE team DIAN Racing from TONGJI University Shanghai China developed automatic data analysis tools, simple data analysis software based on MATLAB GUI, data analysis method based on vehicle trajectory rebuild, and auto data replay SIMULINK block. With these tools, the time-consuming repetitive work in the data analysis process is greatly reduced, a more intuitive data visualization is achieved, and thus the efficiency during the testing period is improved.
Bruno Ma, the 2015-2016 season team leader of FSE team DIAN Racing from TONGJI University will give an introduction on how they used MATLAB/SIMULINK to develop data analysis tools.

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Jiajun Ma

For the test data, please click the link below and deonload:

Jiajun Ma

Dear all: Due to the file size limit in File Exchange center (20MB). The testing data can not be uploaded here. So I will give an external link here in the comments for you guys to download.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

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