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Tool-Coupling Co-Simulation FMU Export for Simulink

Export a Model as a Tool-Coupling FMU


Updated 18 Sep 2019

To integrate Simulink® components into third-party software, export a Simulink model as a tool-coupling functional mockup unit (FMU). When a third-party tool runs the FMU, it checks out required licenses and starts a local installation of Simulink to start the model. This function requires the Tool-Coupling Co-Simulation FMU Export for Simulink support package. Use the Add-On Explorer to download and install the support package.

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Zhiguo Zhou

Mayur Patne

Stefanie Schwarz

Note that since MATLAB R2019a, packaging a model as an FMU for co-simulation no longer requires a support package. This is now a built-in feature in Simulink. For more information, see:

Marco Giacomelli

@Andrä Carotta

I also lack the path
but I found that, god knows why, the installation saves the files the hidden folder "ProgramData" on C:\, so that in my PC the correct path is

Hope this can help you and others.

Hafiz Ali Farhan

Andrä Carotta

I try to create a FMU with Simulink and import it later in Simulink.
I found the explanation:
but I don't have the path <matlabroot>\toolbox\shared\fmu_share\script\fmu-matlab-setup.cmd on my PC.
Could somebody explain how I can "Start a Dedicated Session from the Operating System"?

The command "shareMATLABForFMUCoSim" does also not work.

Weiwu Li

@ Rafael: this Add-on only works with 18b. In 19a it is integrated as a part of Simulink.

Can confirm, it doesn't work with 2019a, also on Linux

Yosuke Ogata

What are requirements for this add-on?

I have MATLAB 2019a and Windows 7 but being told it is not compatible.

Muralidhar Duvvuri

Please discard my below comment. I did not start the server and hence the error. After starting the server, it works fine.
One enhancement suggestion which would be useful is to run the server on another PC and still be able to simulate. Cross platform would be even great. Like FMU imported in Linux and MATLAB server running on Windows.

kiran kumar

yz yang

I maybe find a bug using this plug-in tool.
In simulink model,I set the solver type was Fixed-step Solver,solver was ode4(Runge-Kutta),Fixed-step size was 1e-9. The simulink model was exported to FMU file,then the FMU file was imported in third-party software(AMESim). In third-party software, I set co-simulation step size of FMU was 1e-09s ,model can not simulate successfully. But co-simulation step size of FMU was set ≤ 1e-07s,model simulated successfully. But this error did not occur when I used FMU file which was exported by Modelon plug-in tool named FMI toolbox to simulate in third-party software .

Benjin Luo

OK, it seems the possibility is available from 2018.

Benjin Luo

how can I find the release for 2017b? Thanks


is something comparable available for previoous releases as well (2015b / 2017b)?



MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018b
Compatible with R2018b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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