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version 2.1.0 (7.03 KB) by Dr. Erol Kalkan, P.E.
This function replace or delete unwanted spikes (outliers) exceeding the threshold value using histogram method.


Updated 20 Mar 2019

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Time series may contain undesired transients and spikes. This function replace spikes (outliers) exceeding the threshold value by interpolating among previous and subsequent data points or replacement them with NaN per user choice. The threshold is defined as mean +/- a number of standard deviations of windowed data centered at spike locations. This code uses the histogram method of Solomon et al. (2001) to detect spikes.

Examples are given in the comment section. The debug option when it is "True" compares results of this function with MatLAB's 1-D median filtering (medianfilt1) function.

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Solomon, O. M., D. R. Larson, and N. G. Paulter (2001). Comparison of some algorithms to estimate the low and high state level of pulses, IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Vol. 1, Budapest, Hungary, 21–23 May 2001, 96–101.

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