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Fick's 2nd Law of Diffusion using Method of Lines

version 1.0.0 (1.98 KB) by Roche de Guzman
PDE solution using Method of Lines


Updated 26 Apr 2019

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%% Method of Lines with D = diffusivity: Fick's 2nd Law of Diffusion
% by Prof. Roche C. de Guzman
%% Custom fx
function Y1 = F(~,Y,D,nx,dx)
c = Y; % assign concentration as Y
Y1 = zeros(nx,1); % temporary derivatives
for i = 1:nx-2 % position counter
Y1(i+1) = D*(c(i+2)-2*c(i+1)+c(i))/dx^2; % solve for derivatives
Y1 = [Y1(2); Y1(2:nx-1); Y1(nx-1)]; % derivatives with zero-flux boundary

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Roche de Guzman (2020). Fick's 2nd Law of Diffusion using Method of Lines (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Lukas Arndt

Is there a reason why you're using the Dirichlet function for this problem? Second question: Why do I have to define xL and xU?


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