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Bit Error Rate in Bit Error rates with pulse shaping consideration

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Bit Error Rate in CDMA with MAI consideration.


Updated 27 Feb 2008

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The most straightforward approximation is the standard Gaussian approximation, where the MAI is approximated by a Gaussian random variable. This approximation is simple, however it is not accurate in general. In situations where the number of users is not large, the Gaussian approximation is not appropriate. In-depth analysis of must be applied. The Holtzman?s improved Gaussian approximation provides a better approximation to the MAI term. The approximation conditions the interference term on the operation condition of each user.

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Muhammad Shakir

I'm currently doing a project regarding finding the BER of DS-CDMA with and without DTX. can someone please help me find any website which can provide codes??thank you

pb shende

i'm doing my project in multiuser detection for ds-cdma using matlab so please suggest some sites to get coding other thesis details

vinodh kumar

am doing my project in CDMA using MATLAB so pls suggest some websites to get the coding

sara h

Would you be kind enough to provide me with a code that generates binary codes (PRZ, UNRZ, Manchester) and produce their PSDs by the autocorrlation function, and add noise to each and simulate SNR and BER???


i need codes for how to simulate SNR vs BER

fachr raziey

how is bit error rate tolerance value for CDMA or celluler communivcation system?

endah endah

how to calculate BER in HDSL?

kovilen murden

plz send me the program on

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