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Simple function to convert month number to month name. Saves user having to manually generate datestrings/datetimes and extract the month.


Updated Fri, 10 Jul 2020 10:04:12 +0000

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% J.McDowell - 10/07/20
% Simple function to convert month number to month name (eg [7] to 'July').
% Multiple numeric inputs are accepted (eg [5,8] outputs {'May','August'}).

%% Inputs

% MonthNumber: Numeric array of integers within the range 1 to 12.
% Multiple numeric inputs accepted in the form [m1,m2,mn...].

% MonthFormat: Character array that must equal either 'First','Short' or
% 'Long'. Input is not case sensitive and abbreviations are accepted.
% 'First' will output the first letter of the month (eg 'S' for September).
% 'Short' will output the first 3 letters of the month (eg 'Jun' for June).
% 'Long' will output the full month name (eg 'January' for the 1st month).

%% Outputs

% MonthName - character or cell array (if multiple numeric inputs given) of
% month names in the user specified Format.

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John McDowell (2022). monthnum2name (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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