AUTOSAR Blockset


AUTOSAR Blockset

Design and simulate AUTOSAR software

Model AUTOSAR Classic Software Components

Automatically create AUTOSAR Classic software components with AUTOSAR ports, interfaces, and other configurations in Simulink.

Model AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Components

For AUTOSAR Adaptive platform, use AUTOSAR Blockset to automatically generate software components with default AUTOSAR ports, service interfaces, and other configurations in Simulink.

Simulate AUTOSAR Compositions and ECU Software with BSW Services

Model and simulate AUTOSAR software components and compositions together with Basic Software (BSW) services, including NVRAM Manager, Diagnostic Event Manager, and Function Inhibition Manager.

Model AUTOSAR Software Architectures

Author software compositions, components with interfaces, data types, profiles, and stereotypes in Simulink (with System Composer). Specify the behavior of components in architecture models by creating new Simulink component models, linking to existing component models, or importing them from ARXML files.

Configure Scheduling and Simulation

Schedule and specify the execution order of component runnables for simulation using Schedule Editor. Use this capability to verify your AUTOSAR ECU software behavior at the component level and the composition level.

AUTOSAR Design Workflows

Use a bottom-up workflow to map existing Simulink designs into AUTOSAR software component models, view architectures, and generate code and ARXML. Use a top-down workflow to start from your architecture, import ARXML files into Simulink or an architecture model, and develop algorithms. Or combine both methods, using a round-trip workflow.

Generate Production C/C++ Code for AUTOSAR Applications

With Embedded Coder, generate production C/C++ code and AUTOSAR XML files. Perform software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) tests with the code for verification.

Generate Optimized Library Routines with Code Replacements

Use preconfigured AUTOSAR blocks and code replacements to generate optimized library routines for AUTOSAR Classic applications.

Achieve ISO 26262 and MISRA C Compliance

Qualify Embedded Coder generated code for ISO 26262 with IEC Certification Kit. Verify generated AUTOSAR code for MISRA® C compliance, check for run-time errors, and look for mismatches between the code and AUTOSAR ARXML descriptions using Polyspace Code Prover.

“Model-Based Design lets us develop high-quality AUTOSAR-compliant code through graphical design, simulation, and code generation.”

Santhosh Jogi, Luigi Milia, and Sebastiano Tesio, FCA