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Supported Hardware - Keithley Instruments

Note: Beginning with R2016a, MATLAB is no longer available on 32-bit systems. Because the existing adapters for Keithley Instruments data acquisition hardware are 32-bit only, this hardware is currently only supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox R2015b and earlier. For a list of supported data acquisition hardware, see Hardware Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox.

Keithley USB Data Acquisition Devices

Keithley offers a series of USB data acquisition devices called the KUSB Series. MATLAB and Simulink support this Keithley data acquisition hardware using the Data Acquisition Toolbox and an adaptor available directly from Keithley. View the Keithley MATLAB User's Guide for information on downloading, installing, and using this adaptor.

Note: You must use the 32-bit version of Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB to use Keithley KUSB data acquisition devices. The 32-bit versions of Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB can be installed on a 64-bit Windows OS.

Keithley Instruments using Instrument Standard Protocols

Many Keithley products today use instrument standard protocols and can be used with Instrument Control Toolbox. Instrument Control Toolbox enables you to communicate directly with the instrument using one or more instrument communication protocols including GPIB, VISA, TCP/IP, UDP, and serial. Alternatively, you can communicate with the instrument if the instrument supports an instrument standard such as IVI, LXI, or VXIplug&play.

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