Scale MATLAB and Simulink on Clusters and in the Cloud

Run compute-intensive MATLAB applications and Simulink simulations on clusters and clouds

You can prototype and debug applications on the desktop with Parallel Computing Toolbox and easily scale to clusters and clouds with MATLAB Parallel Server and minimal code change. MATLAB Parallel Server supports both interactive and batch workflows to leverage your cluster hardware.

Through MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox, users in your organization can submit jobs to computational resources configured with MATLAB Parallel Server without being concerned about differences in operating systems, environments, and schedulers. MATLAB Parallel Server integrates MATLAB and Simulink with existing scheduler environments at the application layer.

“Our processing times went from 24 hours to 3 when we started running on the Azure cloud with MATLAB Parallel Server … Because the job scheduler is integrated into MATLAB, it’s easy to take advantage of parallel computing just by opening a pool and using parfor loops.”

James Mann, Aberdeen Asset Management

MATLAB Parallel Server Licensing

MATLAB Parallel Server is licensed separately from MATLAB. It is licensed based on the number of MATLAB computational engines (workers) running simultaneously. For each MATLAB computational engine launched by the scheduler, a worker is checked out from the license. License size is determined by the number of workers you need to run simultaneously. The licensing model includes features to support unlimited scaling.

End users are automatically licensed on the cluster for the MathWorks® products they use on the desktop. The cluster requires only a MATLAB Parallel Server license.

MATLAB Parallel Server can be used with a network license manager, or with online licensing, which is convenient for the cloud and for personal clusters.

To assess your license needs, select one of the options below:

Campus-Wide Licensing

MATLAB Parallel Server Campus-Wide Licensing provides faculty and students with unlimited scaling on clouds and university-owned clusters. Your campus might already have access to ready-to-use resources and if not, MathWorks Cloud Center provides access to the cloud.

Annual, 90-day, and Perpetual Licensing

This license is for standard and academic customers who are not part of an enterprise or Campus-Wide agreement and have sustained need for scaling.

On-Demand Licensing

This license is for standard and academic customers who are not part of an Enterprise or Campus-Wide agreement and have short-term needs for smaller scaling.

MATLAB Parallel Server Supported Environments

MATLAB Parallel Server can be used in a variety of environments. Use the following table to determine which option is best for you. 

Cluster Environment Option

Effort Required for Set Up

Initial Set Up for Each New Cluster

Supported Job Schedulers

License Manager

MathWorks Cloud Center
Personal or shareable cloud clusters


Set up with web application or in MATLAB

MATLAB Job Scheduler

Online licensing

MathWorks Reference Architecture for Cloud
Ready to use cloud implementation examples


Set up with templates

MATLAB Job Scheduler

Online licensing,
Network license manager

Dedicated Clusters for MATLAB
Personal clusters, group clusters, departmental clusters


Installation and configuration of software and scheduler

MATLAB Job Scheduler

Network license manager,
Online licensing

General Purpose Clusters and Custom Clouds
HPC centers and organizational clusters


Installation of software and integration with existing scheduler

Supported third-party schedulers (e.g. Slurm), MATLAB Job Scheduler in Kubernetes

Network license manager,
Online licensing

Clusters Set Up by MathWorks Partners


Handled by partner

MATLAB Job Scheduler,
Supported third-party schedulers

Network license manager,
Online licensing

All licensing options mentioned above will work with any cluster environment options in the table. If you use online licensing, you must link your MathWorks Account to the license.

*Note: If multiple license manager options are listed, the first option is recommended.

If you have any questions regarding set up, contact Support.