Software Architectures with Simulink and System Composer

Author and simulate software architectures

Software engineers use software architectures with Model-Based Design to manage software complexity, improve communication, and deliver optimized software.

Together, Simulink and System Composer create a single environment for creating descriptive software architecture models composed of your detailed implementation models. This connected environment ensures development threads across architecture and design stay in sync. Engineers can establish a digital thread to navigate between software requirements, architectural models, implementation models, and embedded software.

  • Capture and manage software requirements enabling impact and coverage analysis.
  • Author software and industry-specific architectures including AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive.
  • Create customized model views, such as the Class Diagram View, to deeper understanding and analysis of architectural models.
  • Define component implementation using software specific constructs such as client-server ports.
  • Validate requirements and verify software architectures using simulation-based tests.
  • Translate and refine requirements iteratively into architectures with components ready for simulation and implementation.

Authoring Software Architecture

With System Composer, you can author software architectures composed of software components, ports, and interfaces, define the execution order, and simulate your software architecture.

Screenshot of AUTOSAR Architecture Model Studio and Intuitive Editor for both AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive applications.

Authoring Service-Oriented Architectures

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a modern software architecture paradigm for building applications as a collection of modular software units called services. These services-based applications communicate with each other through well-defined client-service interfaces.

You can author both synchronous and asynchronous client-server communications between software components in System Composer using client and server ports and associated service interfaces.

Authoring AUTOSAR Architectures

With System Composer and AUTOSAR Blockset, you can author both AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive compositions and components with interfaces, data types, profiles, and stereotypes in Simulink.

  • Classic Platform: Used for traditional applications such as powertrain, chassis, and body and interior electronics that run on microcontrollers
  • Adaptive Platform (SOA based): Used for compute-intensive applications such as highly automated driving, V2X, and software updates over the air that run on high-performance processors


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