Release 2016b Highlights

Working with data in MATLAB is now easier than ever. New features help you access, preprocess, and analyze text and time-based data, and easily view, measure, and compare multiple signals in both time and frequency domains..

You can work with files that are too big to fit in memory, and run MATLAB applications against Spark-enabled clusters.

Train models faster and with higher accuracy with new machine learning capabilities, and perform object detection using deep learning.In addition, you can define local functions in scripts for more readable code, and run MATLAB code from Java programs.

Release Two Thousand Sixteen B includes updates to MATLAB, Simulink, and 83 other products. It also introduces Risk Management Toolbox.

This release also has major updates to the Simulink product family. Start your simulations faster with just-in-time builds and model dynamic start up and shut down behavior. You can get quick access to your model parameters and data and connect Simulink with Stateflow more easily using the symbol manager.

You can also detect and fix potential issues in your model faster using edit-time checking. MATLAB and Simulink have expanded support for popular low-cost hardware platforms, and MATLAB Mobile now streams sensor data to the cloud.

With release 2016b, you can reuse previously validated code generated from earlier releases. You can also define custom test criteria and detect cyber-security vulnerabilities.

Explore the new capabilities in Release Two Thousand Sixteen B, and download the latest versions of your products today

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